About Us

We are like-minded people. We came together not just to do business, but to create a product that people will love and  need, which will be new on our Ukrainian market. After  many months of hard work we came up with our special recipe. After that we found reliable Ukrainian suppliers of quality ingredients that make up our GRANOLA. Some of the ingredients we import by ourselves, so that we can be sure of their quality. And when we launched our production process and found the first consumers, we can say with full confidence:

We have created a delicious product that can quickly fill a person with strength and energy, consisting only of natural ingredients which are useful for people who care about their health. Our technology rejects any chemical additives. We use special equipment which makes GRANOLA under low temperatures, so that all nutrients stay inside. Only what was given by nature and what has grown on fertile land under the generous sun.

GRANOLA was invented over a hundred years ago in the USA. If you add milk, kefir or yogurt to it, you get a light and healthy breakfast that gives you a boost of energy for the whole day. Since then, it has been the most popular breakfast not only in America, but also in Europe. With our modest efforts, we tried to provide the people of Ukraine with the opportunity to get simple, healthy and nutritious food, which has been widely demanded in other countries for many years.

We do not need to write the ingredients  in small letters so that the consumer cannot make out what is written there. We are proud of our product.  We also treated the same the creation of our production. It is modern, sterile and hygienically clean. And the product itself is produced in compliance with all technical and sanitary and hygienic standards.

Try. Rate. And join the team of the passionate admirers of GRANOLA.

Your team Good Morning, Granola.