Granola is the perfect breakfast and powerful energy booster

Sometimes, waking up, we realize that today will be a difficult day. The mood immediately goes down, and breakfast does not go down the throat. Lately, after taking a few sips of strong coffee, we run to fight for a place under the sun. But in stress our energy consumption increases.

 Remember, a car is filled with fuel by maximum before a long trip, a fighter stocks up on ammunition before a fight, an athlete heavily uses doping before a competition. And we need energy, which means we need breakfast, moreover, a dense, balanced, high-calorie breakfast.

 With a small amount of unsaturated fats, but rich in fissile carbohydrates that “burn for a long time.” Proteins are also needed, which help carbohydrates gradually break down and supply the body with full energy. To stabilize the metabolism, you need at least a little vegetable fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive processes.

 As it turned out, the popular American breakfast Granola, which has been produced in the USA for more than a hundred years, has everything that we need. Its mandatory composition includes oatmeal from whole flattened grains, nuts and dried fruits. This whole mixture is baked with honey until crispy. The beneficial properties of Granola amazingly coincide with the morning needs of the body.

 Honey and dried fruits supply “long-playing” carbohydrates. Dried fruits, in general, are the healthiest and safest sweets. Some light fats are found in nuts. This is quite enough for the body to get a charge of vivacity in the morning, an ideal energy supply. Oatmeal is not in vain chosen as a supplier of proteins and fiber.

 Oats are uplifting and an excellent antidepressant. But the main thing is that this wonderful grain gives our body all the proteins and amino acids that it needs. In addition, it has powerful preventive properties against serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

 The importance of a proper breakfast for the body Granola has proven over time. We know that the American people are energetic and enterprising people. There may very well be a share of the American folk breakfast Granola in this. Its prevalence in different strata of American society is extremely high.

 Granola isn’t just for breakfast. Due to its powerful energy potential, it is indispensable for tourists and travelers. You can always replenish your strength on the way, almost without wasting time. Among workers, especially those engaged in heavy physical labor, it is considered obligatory to have an afternoon snack with Granola between breakfast and lunch.

 In America, it is also produced in the form of bars. They are very popular among schoolchildren and, oddly enough, among the marines. They even have a special pocket for Granola on their field uniform. Millions of people in the world have tried and stayed with Granola forever.

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