New breakfast in Ukraine

Recently, a new product appeared on the market which is new to the Ukrainian market. But its popularity is growing exponentially. For those who have not yet met her – welcome the delicious Granola. It is a healthy and tasty breakfast that will give you energy and strength. It first appeared in the US over a hundred years ago.

 It is extremely popular in the American market . For American steelmakers it is a traditional snack during breaks. It is produced by hundreds of small and large enterprises throughout the country.

 This breakfast comes in various types and flavors, but the presence is considered mandatory: oatmeal from whole flattened (but not ground) grains; whole nuts; properly dried fruits. This mixture is baked with honey until crispy, while the crust should not stick to the teeth and be hard.

 It is often confused with muesli or other breakfast cereals that are full of preservatives, stabilizers, etc. A grain mixture with nuts is baked in juices, sugar or syrups and is called Granola, although it is more of a roast.

 But the main mistake of some manufacturers is that they use ordinary oatmeal flakes. While for the production of the real Granola only whole grain oats should be used, flattened using a special technology, and not ground.

 This makes it possible to preserve the molecular structure of the grain, which has such a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa. Digestion normalizes, cholesterol levels decrease, the endocrine system improves, stabilizing blood sugar and the immune system gets stronger.

 Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, and a lot of microelements. They supply the body with clean energy, and this is a product of “long burning”. Their morning use gives a charge of vivacity for the whole day. In addition, the presence of biologically active antioxidants helps the body resist aging.

 Dried fruits not only retain almost all the beneficial properties of fresh fruits, but also multiply them. The content of vitamins, minerals, organic acids, fiber and fructose makes them excellent suppliers of nutrients, fills us with healthy carbohydrates that give us cheerfulness and a burst of energy.

 Natural bee honey is similar in composition to blood plasma. It is completely, 100% absorbed by the body. It contains almost all the necessary trace elements, phytoncides and the most important enzymes that have an anti-inflammatory, tonic effect, accelerate tissue regeneration, enhance metabolism, and stimulate the body’s defenses.

 All that products can be found in our Granola, that is produced by our team – Good Morning Granola Team. This is, in its own way, a unique result, because finding the right, first-class ingredients for the classic Granola recipe in Ukraine turned out to be not so easy.

 The  biggest supermarket chains expressed their interest in our Granola, such as ATB, Silpo, Novus, Auchan, Metro, Megamarket, Billa and others. Now Granola is presented not only in Kyiv. It is sold in Kharkov, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro and all over the country.

 You can order granola from the main page granola.com.ua

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