The importance of a proper breakfast for the body with Granola

Sometimes, suffering from overnutrition, there is a desire to refuse breakfast, because the physiological processes that take place in the morning make it much easier to refuse food than in the afternoon or in the evening. Usually the reason for such a refusal is the desire to lose weight. It would seem that everything is logical, the less you eat, the faster the extra pounds go.

But it turns out not everything is so simple. It’s more important when you eat. People who do not eat breakfast have a snack before lunch, or eat much more at lunch. So it turns out that the refusal of breakfast does not help to lose weight, but often, on the contrary, contributes to its build-up.

Moreover, not having breakfast, a person harms his health. The results of measuring the amount of sugar in the blood within five hours after breakfast showed that those people who refused the morning meal, the level of glucose in the body is 50% higher. And this is a direct path to the development of diabetes and obesity.

Another example of the illogical actions of our body. After eating, the level of sugar in the blood rises. But the body immediately throws newly received calories into the furnace to compensate for energy costs, thereby normalizing sugar. Conversely, in the case of energy expenditure during a sugar deficit, he has to release sugar from reserves in larger volumes than necessary. This leads to overload of the pancreas and changes in insulin synthesis.

It is also important to choose the right breakfast, which should be high in calories, but not due to saturated fat, but due to digestible carbohydrates. This is a “slow burning fuel”, you still need protein and an abundance of fiber for normal digestion. More than a hundred years ago in America they came up with such a healthy breakfast called Granola. EAT Breakfast for your health!

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